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Hey Dallas, what’s up? Feel better than you ever have by allowing natural medicine into your life.  It’s not a threat, you know.  Doctors won’t lose money.  You won’t be suckered for snake oil.  Nobody will be harmed.  Only you will feel better. Just try it.  We’re here to help. That is all.  Have an […]

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In Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture Schools you are taught the importance of referring to other medical professionals. Literally one-third or more of your several thousand hours of training focuses on identifying ‘red flags’ and other symptoms, conditions, or scenarios that are believed to require care and treatment outside of the acupuncturist’s scope of practice. The reasoning here […]

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This week we received a comment as a response to our article on Nocturnal Urination.  We figured the comment was bunk and our suspicions were confirmed when the e-mail address listed by the commenter was reported as unregistered by Gmail.  We decided to post a response anyway, because this rogue spammer addresses some commonly held wrong views about TCM. […]

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toilet flush

by David Brochstein,LAc,OMD Those of us concerned with our wellness take care to note our health status, how we feel, how we function, and any symptoms that may come and go.  This can become confusing at times as some “symptoms” may be noticed one day only to disappear the next.  It is best to pay […]

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I just completed a 15 week series of Chen style Tai Chi with Dr. Wei-Chen Ni and I want to invite all of you to take a Chinese martial arts/exercise class for your own health.   My recent class was challenging and fun.  Classes are held in Richardson off of Spring Valley near I-75.  I am especially […]

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by Stephanie Brochstein, student herbalist TCM is effective in treating symptoms like low libido, premature ejaculation and impotency in men.   However, syndrome differentiation is key.  There is a saying in TCM called “many treatments: one disease:: one disease: many treatments.”  Sexual dysfunction could be created through any number of disharmonies originating from any part of […]

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defeating cholera

View the entire collection from UC San Fransisco here.

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“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” — Hippocrates Yeah…… Boi!

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A Dialogue Between Dr. D and The Beginner Mind: S: Per my recent blog post, I was two weeks late on my period. As I mentioned in my article, I would have typically started taking blood-stagnation herbs after being 3-4 days late. This time I did not and it seemed to work to my benefit. […]