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toilet flush

by David Brochstein,LAc,OMD Those of us concerned with our wellness take care to note our health status, how we feel, how we function, and any symptoms that may come and go.  This can become confusing at times as some “symptoms” may be noticed one day only to disappear the next.  It is best to pay […]

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I just completed a 15 week series of Chen style Tai Chi with Dr. Wei-Chen Ni and I want to invite all of you to take a Chinese martial arts/exercise class for your own health.   My recent class was challenging and fun.  Classes are held in Richardson off of Spring Valley near I-75.  I am especially […]

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Guess who? If you have not yet met Stephanie, please meet my wife!   I am extremely excited to introduce Stephanie as our new herbalist.  She will be working Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening from 6-9PM.  She will be doing her own version of the same work I did at Holistic Herbal Health.  This […]

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surgery humor

Chinese Medicine Can Help With: Surgery (recovery from) Bruises Wounds Scars Sports Related Injuries Post-partum healing Today’s post is inspired by a friend, Carl L. of Austin, who recently inquired whether Chinese medicine had anything to offer for recovery from surgery.  Well, Carl, in fact there’s quite a bit that can help you. Chinese herbal […]

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ADHD in Kids “My kid may have ADHD.  I’m concerned about the safety of treating my children with medicines.  What are my options?” In this article: What is ADHD? ADHD, kids, and parents. A Holistic View of ADHD. Pharmaceutical vs. Natural Treatments. Treatment Safety & Lifestyle Integration. Many parents are concerned for their childrens’ safety […]

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If you are facing a low backache, stiff neck, or chills then it’s time to act fast! COLD BUSTER BATH 1 tbsp. dried ginger powder1 tbsp. epsom salts Soak for for 15 minutes, and try to break a sweat. If you can’t break a sweat from the bath alone, then you can drink 12 oz. […]