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A Dialogue Between Dr. D and The Beginner Mind: S: Per my recent blog post, I was two weeks late on my period. As I mentioned in my article, I would have typically started taking blood-stagnation herbs after being 3-4 days late. This time I did not and it seemed to work to my benefit. […]

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Guess who? If you have not yet met Stephanie, please meet my wife!   I am extremely excited to introduce Stephanie as our new herbalist.  She will be working Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening from 6-9PM.  She will be doing her own version of the same work I did at Holistic Herbal Health.  This […]

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pulse diagnosis 2

By Stephanie Brochstein, community herbalist Since David introduced me two weeks ago as the new kid on staff, I have received several questions from friends about how Chinese medical specialists diagnose patients (i.e. how can you diagnose me)?  The following is a short-summary. Diagnostic Techniques:  Indo-Tibetan, Sino-Russian, Sino-Japanese medicines all use a refined system of diagnostic tools […]