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Three Pearls
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Oriental medicine is chock full of pearls of wisdom… at times it seems the pearls are endless.  So, here’s three for you today:

  1. Cold and chilled foods & drinks damage the stomach, and therefore the blood.  This leads to significantly damaged health in later life.  In a committed patient who lives up to their own health-responsiblities, enough damage can be reversed to measurably improve the quality of life according to the patient’s own evaluation.
  2. Excessive intake of sugar in the first half of one’s life leads to trapped internal inflammation typically affecting the liver and pericardium.  This imbalance is the foundation of both auto-immune disorders as well as chronic sleep problems (and others… plenty of them).
  3. Digestion is considered the root of an adaptable immune system.  Protecting or restoring the digestion is the first step in overcoming disease.  But the first step in actual treatment is to STOP FEEDING THE PROBLEM.  Work with the body, not against it.

Although this info is not simple specific instructions of what to do and what not to do, it is extremely valuable nonetheless.  The point is to learn to be responsible and look forward.  You, your health, body, and human experience, will become a product of the influences you introduce to yourself (and your family) today.  All the unusual health problems and diseases modern people face today are not random in any way.  Every disorder from simple colds/flus to Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis to Interstitial Cystitis to cancer may be effectively understood and described through the schema of Oriental medicine.  The understanding gained over the many generations of clinical research and experience has concluded that, whether any patient or MD sees it, diagnoses it, or understands it, the problem has a clear cause, a clear progression, and a clear end-stage.  And most of these chronic problems may be completely averted by living differently in the first place, while undoing such problems is difficult at best.  So, what’s the point here, Dallas?

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