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Rule #3
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Rule #1: Do no harm.

Would you believe that most medical schools who require recitation of the Hippocratic Oath have removed this line?  I have no difficulty at all believing it.

Rule #2: Don’t feed the problem.

If conventional medicine could wrap its head around this one, everything would change.  Well… that’s really easy to say… ok nevermind.

Rule #3: Generalizations do not apply to individuals.

Coffee is bad for you.
Everyone should eat a low-fat diet.
All women should take 1200mg of Calcium daily.
Adults must drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

etc etc.

These are obviously generalizations.  But these types of apply-to-all statements are of little or no use in a clinical environment when a practitioner is evaluating a patient’s needs and requirements to attain improved health.

Coffee is not a poison, for example.  It is a natural substance with actions and effects on the body.  Depending on the situation, the actions and effects may be appropriate at that time.  But maybe not before or after that appropriate time… one will need to re-evaluate again when the new time comes.

I have often seen in clinic that many clients force water due to the general consensus that adults need lots of water… more is better.  And many many times I have diagnosed excessive fluid intake as part of the cause of their health complaint.

My point?  Listen to everything, always.  Learn, study, pay attention, refine your awareness.  Just take sweeping generalizations with a grain of salt.  Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, your MD, the surgeon general… they all have information to distribute.  Some of it is right, some of it may be helpful, and some of it even may be scientific fact.  But that does not mean it absolutely applies to you like it applies to any other individual.


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