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Trust Your Doctor
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“If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD and is struggling, he probably needs medication,” says Stephen Copps, M.D., an ADHD specialist in Macon, Georgia. “Medication is the cornerstone of therapy. It’s appropriate for most children with diagnosable ADHD. It is not a last resort.”

Because your doctor has entirely zero understanding of the causal relationships often present in ‘ADD/ADHD/ADwhatever’.  Ignore the obvious contributing factors such as sugar, refined chemical food additives, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which is proven to have deleterious neurological effects, excessive TV/computer/gaming/etc, poor study & focus habits, and insufficient parenting in general (stick your kid in front of a TV to shut him up).  Just subscribe to his self-proclaimed cornerstone of therapy: pharmaceutical medicines.  Enjoy your side-effects as well as a non-resolving approach to treating your kid.  Just shut him up until he’s out of the house and on his own, paying his own way.  Great, doc, love your caring input.  So, how much did you make in kickbacks last month?
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