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The Challenge of Balance in the Dog Days of Summer…
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Yin & Yang Fighting!

We are beginning to enter what the Oriental medicine community calls “late summer”, which has a few specific qualities distinct from the rest of the hot season. These qualities are:

  • It’s still way too HOT!
  • Winds & breezes tend to die down.
  • Humidity tends to increase.

    When these factors are significant, it leads to higher thirst, more difficulty in cooling down, and a tendency for body fluid circulation to stagnate.  This gets common problems in the late summer.  Most folks get very thirsty, especially for iced drinks, which further stagnates fluid circulation leading to higher thirst… a vicious cycle taking one far out of the balance they work hard for.  This situation is part of a challenge known in Oriental medicine as “Yin & Yang Fighting” or a “Water & Fire Imbalance”.  These problems are common often in late August and September.  The symptoms may look something like this:

  • If you are experiencing these symptoms or even suffering from them, we can help.  Keep in mind that typically the early symptoms get worse on their own… treat early to make it easy.  Late treatment is always more difficult and involves a worsening symptoms that can compromise immune systems heading into the Fall… a very bad idea.

    The general rules to keep clean and clear are:

  • Drink all fluids at room temperature (or warm/hot if preferred).  The same applies for foods.
  • Drink when thirsty, do not force fluids… take cues from your body, not just your head.
  • Avoid excessive heavy and damp foods such as excessive dairy, cheese, and fried foods.
  • Keep some minerals such as Emergen-C handy for stubborn thirsts.
  • Add some fresh squeezed lemon or lime to your drinks.  The bitter flavor will help with fluid movement and acts as a mild diuretic.

    Please contact us if you need any assistance. We are here for your health… and we couldn’t be happier about it.


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