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Cold Buster Bath
Categories: Self-Care

If you are facing a low backache, stiff neck, or chills then it’s time to act fast!

1 tbsp. dried ginger powder

1 tbsp. epsom salts

Soak for for 15 minutes, and try to break a sweat.

If you can’t break a sweat from the bath alone, then you can drink 12 oz. of coffee with 1/4 tsp. of dried fennel powder while you are in the bath, in order to induce sweating.

When you are finished soaking, be sure to use a cool rinse on your whole body to close down your pores and prevent your body from leaking much needed body heat.

Dry hair, and wrap body from head to toe. Continue to eat warm foods and drink warm beverages until you feel the cold start to subside.

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