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How many of you are health care workers or parents?  How many of you have been cornered with the question about the Flu Vaccine for your family this time every year?  I’m guessing most have had to carefully consider the flu shot, right?  Yet finding and understanding information isn’t so straightforward, is it? I would […]

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So, it’s what, 108 degrees in Dallas today?  I guess once it gets that hot the number just doesn’t matter anymore. In honor — if that’s the word, and I don’t think it is — well anyway, in honor of this totally brutal Summer, Part II today will focus on the Summer and a couple […]

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Over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of what students of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) call “The Statements of Fact”. Expect about 1 per week with my unstoppable commentary (unstoppable as in ‘this guy never shuts up’).  Ok that was a dumb joke, but I think you know it to be […]

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Here’s the obvious: It’s summer, it’s HOT, we get thirsty, we get sweaty, the heat makes us crazy, enough said.  Right? We all agree with that bit, but there is more going on with the physiology, the interaction of organ systems and life functions, and our lifestyles.  Oriental medicine has an enhanced perspective.  Let’s take […]

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Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Daoist, Buddhist, whatever whatever medicine… they all have strikingly similar theories about the typical common colds and flus, how one gets them, how they play out, and how they resolve… if at all.  The theories are a significant departure from the modern conventional view. In an oversimplified nutshell, here’s the difference: Modern […]

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Oriental medicine is chock full of pearls of wisdom… at times it seems the pearls are endless.  So, here’s three for you today: Cold and chilled foods & drinks damage the stomach, and therefore the blood.  This leads to significantly damaged health in later life.  In a committed patient who lives up to their own […]

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Rule #1: Do no harm. Would you believe that most medical schools who require recitation of the Hippocratic Oath have removed this line?  I have no difficulty at all believing it. Rule #2: Don’t feed the problem. If conventional medicine could wrap its head around this one, everything would change.  Well… that’s really easy to […]

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Big Pharma Wants You!

Did you know that those who intend to achieve the healing of chronic problems are unlikely to succeed?  Why?  Because the vast majority of clients we Oriental Medicine practitioners see in clinic refuse to take responsibility for the faults in their lifestyle that contribute to the cause of the problem.  Oriental medicine is ’cause-oriented’, which […]

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“If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD and is struggling, he probably needs medication,” says Stephen Copps, M.D., an ADHD specialist in Macon, Georgia. “Medication is the cornerstone of therapy. It’s appropriate for most children with diagnosable ADHD. It is not a last resort.” Read More Because your doctor has entirely zero understanding […]